Woohoo! Well done on your decision to register for 90 minutes with me on the 5th of May at 6pm. 

Here is the good news ….I will pack it with meat so you better have a pen and paper as there is no replay 

and now for the bad news:

I’m an Australian who lived in the US before coming to the UK and in order to provide you massive value in the 90 minutes I need to talk fast, in actual fact, some say I could talk under wet cement with a mouth full of marbles.  Speak to any of the property people who have been around for awhile and they will tell confirm this and if you run into my old buddy Simon Zuchi, tell him I think he still owes me a red from our lunch in 2004 when he was setting up PIN.

FYI, I’m good at stripping out millions from a companies overhead because if you provide massive value, word of mouth is the only marketing expense you need to have and it’s free, so I won’t be sending out any reminders when you register, just an autoresponder with the link to press for zoom so you need to remember,  the same way I need to remember my wife’s birthday.

The video links on the home page should introduce you to my past, my style and if I am new to you then ask around to those who have met me or simply look at those We Buy Houses signs 🙂

I pride myself in being lead husky dog as lead husky gets the best view so I won’t be spending any time with fluff or old material. I will shock some because I will not be repeating the comfort of what you already know, I prefer what you don’t know, so keep an open mind  

After registering for the event, you will receive one auto reply and we will not sell or distribute your email address to any third party at any time.

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